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March 2015

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    A Log Cabin Scrap Quilt Finish!

    Over the weekend I finished this scrappy log cabin quilt!  It feels so good to finish a large project.  It was one of the most enjoyable quilts to make, for it had so…

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    Elementary Charm Square Quilt

    This is a more recent quilt, finished this past January.  The lure of a good quilt shop inspired my Elementary Quilt, when I found myself at Fancy Tiger in Denver, and couldn’t…

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    The Double Charity Quilt!

    Another Quilt from the past, finished in September of 2013.  If you haven’t seen the Charity section of my blog, I will tell you, I like the idea of quilting for charity. …

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    A Wedding Quilt!

    My sister was married last July, and I had no quilt to give, as I am certain that it is written somewhere that quilters have a grace period of one year to get…

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    What Modern Quilting Means to Me

    Where to start…. At the beginning I suppose.  Discovering the online modern quilting movement gave me freedom, and a license to quilt without the restrictions of patterns and custom.  It gave me…

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    Avocado Quilts – Live!

    Hello!  My name is Josi, and I am a quilter.  I am slowly emerging from the quilt closest and embracing this overwhelming drive I have to Create. Beautiful. Simple. Quilts.  It’s in…