KALEIDOSCOPE BREEZE – Repost from August 2016

Occasionally, an amazing group of women come together and create beauty and goodness out of thin air (and a pile of fabric).  This is the case for the award winning 2015 QuiltCon Charity Quilt, named Kaleidoscope Breeze, which may be yours soon!

This quilt has been generously donated to the Anchor Center for Blind Children by the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild which will be holding an online and physical drawing for the quilt on September 24th at their annual Cherrity Pie Festival.  Click here to purchase drawing tickets for the quilt.  Please pass the word to all the quilt lovers out there, friends and family members alike.  All proceeds benefit the blind children at the Anchor Center, which is dedicated to teaching fundamental life skills to children from birth to kindergarten.  I have been involved with fundraising for this amazing cause for three years now, and am continually so moved and impressed by the impact the school has, and more so on the strength of the children and families who attend.

This quilt was created by a group of skilled Modern Quilters from the Boulder Modern Quilt guild as a challenge quilt for their 2015 QuiltCon entry.   Over 71 quilts were created by guilds worldwide as part of the challenge, and all of them benefited charity organizations in their respective local communities after being on display together in 2015. This particular quilt then went on to win 1st place at the Boulder County Fair in 2015 for the group quilt category.

Anne Deister of SpringLeafStudios.com, an accomplished quilter and graphic designer, created the unique design for this quilt in Adobe Illustrator.  Over 12 guild members then paper pieced the 36 blocks together, requiring them to sew the fabric directly on a paper pattern in order to create crisp lines.  The blocks were then arranged on an alternate grid to fulfill one of the challenges.   The quilt is 68″ x 88″ and made entirely of solid Kona Cotton fabrics.  The professional quilting was done by the guild president Cynthia Morgan, which truly put the finishing touches on this work of art.  The Boulder Modern Quilt Guild is very pleased to donate the 2015 QuiltCon Charity quilt to the Anchor Center for Blind Children as a fundraising item to go home to one fortunate supporter during the 2016 Cherrity Pie Festival!

To see the difficult process of the quilt creation,  please visit Anne’s blog post for the quiltcon charity quilt challenge, and for more information on Modern Quilting, feel free to visit the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild on their facebook page, or website at www.bouldermodernquiltguild.com.

AQ Chapter 2

I created the AvocadoQuilts website during a different chapter of my life, where I dove all in to the creative world of modern quilting, website building and social makers. 

Then life caught up to me and my priorities shifted.  I got a new job that is amazing and demanding, and this part of my life dropped. 

And the website lived on, a documentary to a different time, and a obscure passion that I share with many. 

And then I let the website lapse a little too long, and when I finally woke up and decided that I didn’t to leave AvocadoQuilts behind, my content had already been erased.

So here I go, undergoing a gallant effort to rebuild my site using some screen shots from archive.org.   To get it back to where it was, and maybe to improve it in the long run, or at least, to keep it alive and as a place for my creative space to reside.  Wish me luck!

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