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Alfalfa’s Quilt Presentation

This past Saturday the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild presented Alfalfa’s Market with a collaborative quilt as a token of our appreciation for using their community room.  Alfalfa’s was throwing a one year anniversary celebration which was an ideal time to present the quilt.  The store manager, Ruth, was ecstatic.  I think her enthusiasm stemmed from a true understanding of the effort sewn into a quilt, and not for the fact that I kept my speech short!

josie talks about the quiltThis quilt was my first task as charity coordinator for the guild.  I designed the quilt in excel, as I am not up to speed on any more advanced design software, yet.  But excel did the trick, with the vegetables a bit more pixilated then their true paper pieced result.

Alfalfa's Quilt

The general idea was to arrange vegetables in a simple and geometric manner, that would represent the modern slant of out quilt guild. We had tomatoes, carrots, beets, onions, watermelon, corn and radishes, as well as a wonderful label.

I made the corn, and if I could do it again I would choose different, perhaps more modern fabric.  The greens seen here were all from my scraps and stash, and mostly made with fabric I had fallen out of love with!  But they look like corn, so we’ll say it does the trick.

Alfalfa's quilt 2

A couple other vegetable pictures, hopefully you can see the phenomenal quilting as well:

Alfalfa's quilt 1



Alfalfa's quilt 1

Alfalfa's quilt 2

We had so many members pitch in on this quilt, at my last count it was 12 wonderful quilters who brought this quilt to life.  Thank you to everyone who pieced, sashed, basted, quilted, bound and sleeved!

Alfalfa's quilt 1The final touch was the great label made by Michele!

Alfalfa's quilt 2Alfalfa’s is an incredible business in our community, and it is a joy to work in their clean and fresh working space, though carrying a sewing machine through a grocery store is always a bit interesting!

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  • Reply Anne July 5, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    The quilt turned out wonderfully. Thanks for doing such a great job working out the quilt details, coordinating the production and all round keeping us going. So glad to have you in the guild. We’re all benefitting from your charity work. Keep it up Josi.

  • Reply Sabrina January 24, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Hello! I stumbled on this quilt and was wondering if you would mind sharing the patterns used to piece the veggies. It is such a great quilt!

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