Mini Quilt Swap

Amazing Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

I wanted to share this paper pieced mini quilt that I received from Juliet @tartankiwi all the way from New Zealand. She made the paperpieced dolphin pattern just for this swap, and the intricacy and detail are completely amazing. If you have a minute, check out her website at She is a master at paperpiecing!

@tartankiwi thank you so much for the beautiful, amazing package! All the way from New Zealand! The dolphins are perfect and are truly a work of art! I am in awe if your paperpiecing and quilting talent! I could learn so much from you. All the extras are amazing! The pouch, postcard, your card is genius, the chocolate, stickers, stamp... You really made my day! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! @projectleasa count me as received! #sewmystashminiquiltswap #sewmystash2015 #stashsewerteamleasa

She also included in her package this large zipper pouch with another dolphin on it. I love all things of the sea and was overjoyed to see this. I was lucky enough to ride a ship into port in Costa Rica years ago in the midst of a huge pod of dolphins.  Hundreds of them jumped, swam and played around us. It was breathtaking and these gifts reminded me of that experience.

I now have a postcard from New Zealand, some Kaitaia Fire Chili Pepper Spice Dark Chocolate, a stamp that says, “Handmade with Love,” and this really cool huge paperclip.

A dolphin close up! Thank you @tartankiwi !! #sewmystashminiquiltswap #sewmystash2015 #stashsewerteamleasa

Thank you so much to Juliet for the thoughtfulness of this package. I am so grateful! Please take the chance to visit her site.

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  • Reply Lisa October 26, 2015 at 10:44 am

    That’s an amazing paper pieced pattern. How wonderful that it reminds you of your experience with dolphins.

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