AQ Chapter 2

I created the AvocadoQuilts website during a different chapter of my life, where I dove all in to the creative world of modern quilting, website building and social makers. 

Then life caught up to me and my priorities shifted.  I got a new job that is amazing and demanding, and this part of my life dropped. 

And the website lived on, a documentary to a different time, and a obscure passion that I share with many. 

And then I let the website lapse a little too long, and when I finally woke up and decided that I didn’t to leave AvocadoQuilts behind, my content had already been erased.

So here I go, undergoing a gallant effort to rebuild my site using some screen shots from   To get it back to where it was, and maybe to improve it in the long run, or at least, to keep it alive and as a place for my creative space to reside.  Wish me luck!

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