Charity Quilt Rally!

I am starting a Charity Quilt Rally to kick start our charity sewing this year for the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild in the form of a Block Challenge!   The goal is to have several quilts to donate by Thanksgiving to local senior living centers.   If you are interested in helping, whether you are a member or not, by all means, feel free to sew some blocks, as collectively we can do great things!

Here’s how to play:

*Choose one of the two block options below (or both)
*Aim to make at least 4 blocks, no maximum 🙂
*If you are a guild member, bring them to the evening or open sew either in May for Choice 1, or June for Choice 2.   For all others, contact me directly!
*We’ll compile blocks, determine how many more are needed and go from there.

*More Block options to follow!

Use I’ve chosen two blocks to pick from, they both are modernish: (yes I made that word up, because who really can define modern?!)

Block 1:  The Wonky Cross Block – May timeframe

This is a quick block to make, so make a lot!


These blocks finish 12″, so we will need 20 blocks per quilt to make ~48″x60″ lap quilts.  These are fast blocks to make.  Please make the background fabric a neutral color or print i.e. grey, white, tan, cream etc.   The cross portion is up to you, use a contrasting color, solids or patterns are fine.  These are charity quilts, so this is a good opportunity to move some of our bottom stash fabric.

If you are a rebel, the reverse color order is an option as well with the color/pattern as the background, and neutral as the cross.  This would be great if you have a lot of patterns you’d like to move.  Fabric does not have to be deemed ‘modern’ or any specific color-way, the neutrals should help to tie these together.

Block 2:  The Overlapping-Squares block  – June timeframe


Each of these quilts will need 16 blocks, which measure 15.5″ finished, making ~ 60″x60″ lap quilts.   Please aim to make at least 4.
Choose either a Warm or Cool pallet:  Warm Colors: ex. Red/Orange/Yellow   or  Cool colors: ex.  Blue/Green/Yellow  with a light (white/cream/tan) background color (the tutorial uses grey).

May and June are not hard deadlines, but in order to have several charity quilts by the fall we need to get started!  Remember, this is for charity so if you have another pattern you’d rather work on, or a completed quilt top, by all means go for it.  All are welcome!

 Thank you so much for contributing!  I will post updates as we make progress!

I’ll finish this kick-off message with some pictures of a charity quilt I whipped together for our local preschool silent auction.

Charity QUilt 2015a

I made it out of 4 orphan blocks that didn’t turn out exactly how I had planned when following this tutorial from the Missori Star Quilt Company.

Charity QUilt 2015b

Detail picture…

Charity QUilt 2015

Not my best work, but it was quick and pink, and hopefully will make a little girl warm and happy very soon!

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