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Man Quilt for my Bro – rewind to 2013

My brother left his city job in finance for a year in 2013 and mined for gold in Alaska.  Crazy and awesome at the same time.  I know, who does that?!  While he was gone, I decided he needed a quilt that had both the city and the mountains in it, for his looming decade birthday.  Below is the final result.  It’s a city scape with a mountain view.  The large chevrons are supposed to represent the mountains calling, if you cock your head sideways I suppose!



I had a ton of fun quilting every window differently.  It really expanded my repertoire of quilting techniques while adding interest.

IMG_0795 IMG_0787 IMG_0778 IMG_0775

IMG_0704 IMG_0689

On this quilt I learned that trying to FMQ straight lines or gradual curves for any major distance is not a good idea.  A walking foot is much better suited.  I also quilted the straight lines of the buildings for the first time, framing the windows, and found that I love that look as well.

The quilt was well received; in so much as I believe he said, “Awww, I get a quilt too!”  My family is slowly accepting that this quilt thing is not just a passing phase!


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