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What Modern Quilting Means to Me

Where to start…. At the beginning I suppose.  Discovering the online modern quilting movement gave me freedom, and a license to quilt without the restrictions of patterns and custom.  It gave me a chance to explore my ideas, and use a long dormant creative side of my brain that freedom from patterns/tradition/pressure got me started, yet I realize the need to master the basics.  Still working on that!

I started with quilts for my girls.  They are such a great audience, as they hold so few pre-conceived notions, and they love pink and purple gifts.  You can’t complain with an audience like that.  With that thought, I had the confidence to try some new things.

My first quilt I made was in 2011 with the goal of using up purple and yellow fabric that I had left over from making curtains.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I remember laboriously drawing on the fabric with a pen and 12″ ruler, and cutting 2.5″ blocks one at a time with substandard scissors.  I honestly didn’t know there was a better way and it took me a very long time.  Its amazing I lived to quilt another day.  I also didn’t know that quilts could be “quilted.”  All of my family quilts had been tied.  Talk about a great learning experience, looking back I think I was crazy, but it was a beginning!  This one went to my second daughter,  my ‘purple’ child.


Soon after I found the online community.  Fresh Lemons Quilts was my first bloglove and Faith opened my eyes to a new side of quilting, one that is creative and liberating.  I loved it.  I made my second quilt following one of her examples called Poodle Strip, and I was hooked.  This quilt belongs to my ‘pink’ daughter.


I finished binding this one while I was in labor with our third daughter.  Yes I have three girls.  The youngest is now about to turn three, and I owe her a quilt.  But she is neither ‘purple’ nor ‘pink’ but a nice mixture of both, should be fun!  Here are my monkeys!

IMG_3921 IMG_3927     IMG_3928


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