Avocado Quilts – Live!

Hello!  My name is Josi, and I am a quilter.  I am slowly emerging from the quilt closest and embracing thisIMG_3964 overwhelming drive I have to Create. Beautiful. Simple. Quilts.  It’s in my blood.  Though I am self-taught and still learning, I did grow up snuggled in the love that my Great Grandma Clausia and my Aunt Donna stitched into their quilts.  So it is in my blood, and I hadn’t recognized it until I had my first daughter.  Then suddenly it fell into place,  I needed to quilt.  I needed to create, to stitch with abandon, and to stitch with love.  At first I winged it, all of it, and it was FUN.  I shied away from any direction or tutorage, afraid to be constrained, to be judged, or to smother the fun I was having.  Now my quilting is slowly becoming more defined.  I’ve tried some patterns, yet I still always find the most enjoyable part for me is the improv  I do on the back of the quilt.  It’s what I’m the most proud of, and the most shy about at the same time.  In reality, it’s just a quilt, but in a way I feel that I’m finally starting to put myself out there, and letting my inner artist drive.  I guess quilt backs feel safe in a way, as they are the underside and my improve quilting is not ready for primetime yet!  Quilting agrees with me, because I can pursue the creative bliss that it gives me, but it is also practical.  Time is not wasted.  In the end, even if a quilt is imperfect, it still is stitched in love, and will keep you warm.    So for my first post, I am going to share a picture of a small piece of one of my Great Grandma’s quilts, which I cherish with so many memories and garner such inspiration.  Thank you for joining me on while I explore this quilting world!


IMG_3937 IMG_3940

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