Sewing Curves and Waves Tutorial

Today I am sharing how to make curvy waves, like the ones I created for my current Instagram mini quilt swap, #beachboundMQS.

Beach Bound Swap

First, overlap the two fabrics that you want to create the wave with.  Once you do this, I recommend practicing your curve motion with your blade withdrawn, not cutting yet, to create muscle memory.

muscle memory

Grab a glass of wine, relax, and try again, actually making the cut this time.  Try to make your movements as smooth as possible.

Smooth Motion

Remove the extra curvy scraps.  You should now have your two fabrics nestled closely along a nice smooth curvy wave.


In order to keep the curves lined up, mark several points along the curves.  Here I used pins on each piece of fabric to mark the inflection points of the curve, or the bottoms and tops of the wave.  A water soluble fabric marker also works well if you prefer.  The goal is to make sure the ups and downs match when you pin and then sew it together.


This is what it looks like when you roughly put right sides together.  You can see the curves vary considerably in location.

Charity Cross2

Starting on one end, begin pinning the curves together by lining up the marking pins, and adding an additional pin through both fabrics.  The curves will be a little feisty, but it is important to line up them how they were cut.


This is what I mean by feisty.  Here you can see my curvy wave pinned and ready to go.  It is no where near flat, but the original pins helped me line up the curve.


Now sew together, slowly.  When piecing curves, it is important to go slow until you are comfortable, and to make sure the fabric is lining up as you sew it.  I sew a little, then shift the fabric, and then sew some more and so on, always aiming for a 1/4 inch seam.  For sewing curves, I press my seams to one side.

Beach Bound Swap

Here is the final curvy wave mini top.  I am adding a sea creature to this soon, though I am tempted to leave it as is and make myself one as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  This is a fun improv method that has endless possibilities!

Do you have any great tips for sewing curves that you care to share?  Thanks for stopping by!



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