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  • Mini Quilt Swap

    Amazing Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

    I wanted to share this paper pieced mini quilt that I received from Juliet @tartankiwi all the way from New Zealand. She made the paperpieced dolphin pattern just for this swap, and the…

  • Mini Quilt Swap

    Text Me Mini Quilt Swap, done!

    My #TextMeMiniQuiltSwap and #BeachBoundMQS packages for the mini quilt swaps are complete and in the mail, what a relief!  In the end I felt so good about both packages, we’ll have to see what the recipients…

  • Progress

    Sewing Curves and Waves Tutorial

    Today I am sharing how to make curvy waves, like the ones I created for my current Instagram mini quilt swap, #beachboundMQS. First, overlap the two fabrics that you want to create the wave with.  Once…

  • Uncategorized

    Transparent Mountain Mini Quilt

    I love to just start sewing with no pattern.  Improv is such a creative release for me.  So after attending Carolyn Friedlander’s lecture and trunk show in March, I felt emboldened to…