Mini Quilt Swap

Text Me Mini Quilt Swap, done!

My #TextMeMiniQuiltSwap and #BeachBoundMQS packages for the mini quilt swaps are complete and in the mail, what a relief!  In the end I felt so good about both packages, we’ll have to see what the recipients think!  I think it’s safe to blog about the Text Me swap as it has been received!  It is so fun to share what I’ve been working on for so long!

For the Text Me Mini Quilt I used the paper pieced Whirling Star pattern by Faith at She was my introduction to modern quilting.  The first attempt at this mini quilt came up with this block:

Playing with text and C&S, using Faith from @freshlemonsquilts #solsticestars pattern #textmeteamLMAO #textmeminiquiltswap #miniquiltswap

I felt that it wasn’t quite right so I added corners like this:

For a swap, should I orient the block like this, adding color and text prints to the corners or make four blocks?? #textmeteamLMAO #textmeminiquiltswap

Then changed to color scheme to more of my partner’s tastes and came up with:

  IMG_3541  IMG_3539


I made the original block into a large zipper pouch:


Here are all the extras:


My partner was @jmkerkhoff11 on Instagram.  She opened this package yesterday and was very happy with it.  One swap done.   Now just waiting to see the reaction of my #BeachBoundMQS partner,  I took a bit more risk with that one!

Have you participated in an Instagram Swap, and how did it turn out for you?

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  • Reply Anne September 9, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Nicely done Josi. Your addition to the block works quite well. I’ve got a swap mini to get done and mailed by the end of the month and haven’t started yet. Yikes!

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