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The Double Charity Quilt!

Another Quilt from the past, finished in September of 2013.  If you haven’t seen the Charity section of my blog, I will tell you, I like the idea of quilting for charity.  I will always do this, it feels good.  However, I have learned a couple lessons along the way, such as:

  • Silent Auctions are a way for someone to get a quilt at a deep discount
  • That deep discount probably slights the quilter
  • Most people have little concept of the time or money put into a quilt, not to mention a twinge of attachment (am I the only one?)
  • In my case; my friends, husband or person I directly handed the quilt over to at the non-profit, will bid on and win the quilt.
  • I must be insane, because despite the above lessons learned, I keep quilting for silent auctions!

The last couple silent auction quilts I’ve made, I’ve changed my thinking from focusing on what the quilt means to me, to what the proceeds from it can do for the charity.  It is charity right!  But so hard to not get a little wrapped up in the process.  So the mental shift has helped.

Blue Sky Quilt

Here is my Charity Quilt That Wasn’t.  It is made from Kona cotton, following Cherri House’s  pattern found in her City Quilts book.  I loved it for how quickly the top went together.   Strip piecing, slice a couple times, and you have your blocks. Back of the Blue Sky Quilt

My husband won this quilt from the auction, and he promptly gave it to his Mom.  He’s my hero, swooping in and bidding on the oppressive blank auction sheet when no one else was biting.  The best part is that his mom really enjoys the quilt.  I’m so glad she has it, and should’ve just made it for her in the first place and cut the charity a check!  Essentially, we donated twice on one quilt, once on fabric and time and the second time on the bid price, hence the Double Charity Quilt!  I’m not quite sure on the math of that one works out, but I learned some lessons, and my MIL walked away the winner!

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